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3 Drinks for Healthy living

#1: Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil says
"Big Hallelujah for drinking 
Cranberry Juice and Pomegranate Juice mixed together, Big Hallelujah..."
And Jamie made the drink and the Spiritual Voice said 
"Different Hallelujah" to not drinking your
Cranberry Juice and Pomegranate Juice..."
And Jamie wasn't sipping it quick enough so the 
Spiritual Voice said: "Drink it, drink it faster" then Jamie gulped it down and 
The Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil says
"That's a Hallelujah"

# 2: On another day Ammy Spiritual Being persuades Jamie to try something new and healthy, she tells her "A little Cranberry Juice in your Coffee would be perfect"
So Jamie Elijah gets a cup and fills it half way with Coffee, adds some ice, and tops it off with Cranberry Juice, When she drinks it she finds it wonderfully delicious and the second sip is even better
Ammy Spiritual Being says "I'm telling you, it's the best drink ever, mmm mmm, isn't that delicious?"
Jamie Elijah agrees "Yes it is delicious" 

# 3:
 On a different day, Elaheyneu Spirit told Jamie "Put some Protein Mix in your Milk and that will keep you alive for a long time" So Jamie tried it and enjoyed it, and now uses: Protein mix with Essential Amino Acids very often in her goat milk and coffee

That was delicious, now what?

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