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Language of the Eloheinu Spirit

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Ammi עמי My People Spirit Fajima with some word changes 

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Shit is "Righteous"

In the Beginning is "Bereshit" in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh): the Englay Old Testament; really the first Testament, therefor out of many instances of Spiritual Voices saying "Shit" means "Righteous", and their story said to me: "In the Beginning, the gods were like "Holy Shit" what did we just do?" We believe them, not only for that reason: but we have this 2: A memory thought of "that's the "coolest shit" means "that's the "coolest Righteous" just makes sense

And we have another word to look at, in our effort to change the Language of English turds language

And here is the lovely "Guess your Favorite Magik Number Girl" Spirit Fajima with "7007":

Fajima Spirit says "Issue number 7007, 7007 is the purest number, Why does 7007 look like poop?"
James replies "Well Fajima Spirit, it's an issue with the English language"
Fajima Spirit says "Thank you for that, P and 7 look similar, there's a little difference, I don't care about it, It will be fine, We've devised a plan to purify the number anyways: The number 7 will be fine with a 007 afterwards; 007 looks like OOP"

And she continues: "You know what James Campbell? This is funny brilliant that we got these pens: We can have conversations if we want to"
James agrees "I think it's great too Fajima Spirit"
Fajima Spirit clarifies another thing "That's another problem with "too" and the number "2"
James replies "I realize it's an issue, but at least you are aware of it, and I'll clarify anytime you need me to,
I want to fix it, but I need help"

Fajima Spirit asks "Are you aware that we can fix any problem that we want to?"
James gives a question statement "That's great, Maybe you want to fix the English Language?"
Fajima Spirit offers a solution: "We can fix it by changing the word for "poop" to: "crud"
James agrees "I'm on board for that"
Fajima Spirit continues to say "And the word "Shit" will mean "Righteous"
James exclaims "Okay, that's good shit!"
Fajima Spirit Translates "That's good righteous", no judgment from me"
James says "Thank you Spirit"

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"I'm pretty sure it's  this way"

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