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Language of the Eloheinu Spirit

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Ammy עמי Spiritual Being - My People Section 1

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Liquor in the Trunk

Ammy Spirit was with Jamie and they were traveling with Jamie's abba Jim, and Jim was driving Jamie to pick up her car, which was at the tire shop,  Jamie had her back pack in her possession which had some liquor in it and Ammy Spiritual Being had a message for Jamie which she had her write down on her pad of paper in colored ink

Ammy Spiritual Being tells Jamie to "Put the bag with the liquour in the Trunk"
Jamie defiantly says "I don't need to as long as I don't do anything stupid"
Ammy speaks true here and says "You can't be relied upon to not do anything stupid"
Jamie argues and says "I can't be relied upon to do anything stupid"
Ammy Spirit states her message and replies "You can't be relied upon to NOT do anything stupid and you can't be relied upon to do something stupid, don't you agree?"
Jamie readily agrees "Yes I do, Yes I do"
And she says "You might do something stupid isn't that true?"
Jamie agrees again "Yes it is, Yes it is"
Ammy Spiritual Being argues the issue again "
So put the liquor that you've been drinking (open container), which is now in your backpack, in the damn trunk of your vehicle, Thank you, now you're free to do something stupid"


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