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Language of the Eloheinu Spirit

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Ammy עמי Spiritual Being - My People Section 1

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Ammy Spirit and the Orphanage

Ammy Spirit 16 is heard saying in a sweet voice "I would like to say that wonderful people live here, and the Orphanage actually won't let me stay there, so can I stay here James Campbell?"

James replied after a moment: "I have no issue with allowing you to stay here, Tell the Orphanage that "I, James Campbell, say it's okay for you to live here" Welcome home baby"

Ammy Spirit fishes for an answer "An unusual situation is going on don't you think?"

Jimmy answers her question with a question "What is unusual about a Ammy Spirit wanting to live here?"

Ammy answers him with her previous question: "Don't you think it's unusual though?"
Jimmy asking her opinion "So, tell me, why is it unusual?" Cause Jimmy was really just trying to get her opinion and,

Ammy Spirit is now changing the subject and with long breaths she sounds out "Um, Ummm, Ummm, Ahmmm, Ahmmm, Ahmmm; should we meditate together?"

Jimmy agrees with meditation "Sure, we can do that in a few minutes, I haven't done that for a while, That'll be tov to meditate again"

Ammy Spirit 16 sees a problem though and tells Jimmy what it is "But your room is kind of small for meditating: if you arrange the bedroom differently it would be good to do; Re-arrange it"

Jimmy agrees with her rather hastily cause he likes to rearrange his room occasionally and he says "Okay I can do that"

Ammy Spirit 16 re-iterates her requirement:

"Re-arrange it please."


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"I wonder what's down this road?"
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