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Language of the Eloheinu Spirit 

Ammy עמי Spiritual Being talks about her desire for Schools to preach the spirit

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The Schools are Failing, Quenching the Spirit is bad for you and Separation of Church and State is not the best thing

High School Exterior

Ammy Spiritual Being says to James Campbell "If I tell you to write something down you will do it okay?"

James agrees for now "I will do that"

Ammy Spiritual being tells her statement "You're different than Hebrew"
James Campbell asked "What do you mean by that?"

Ammy Spirit responds with this "You're different than Hebrew in language, we have a problem with your Government and the Separation of Church and State"

James Campbell replies "Well a lot of people have a problem with that"

Ammy Spiritual Being responds "Hebrew is different, the Schools..."
And a second Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil finishes her sentence and said in a girls voice "...Pray together, the Schools can pray"

James Campbell says to that Spiritual delivery "Well I wish I heard something about Eloheym when I was younger so I didn't disrespect god, many of the children were disrespectful toward the gods, toward the Eloheyneu Spirit in Heaven"

Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil with the girls voice says "I've heard enough of this, your Schools are failing now, quenching the Spiritual Forces is bad, quenching Spirit with uncontrolled knowledge: where is the discipline at? Spirit Forces will save your life, Schools don't teach of Spiritual things, I don't think I like the way of the American Schools, Ammy can finish off"

Spiritual Forces Ammy says "If I wanted to wreck the School system, Yahweh Spirit would not help me do it, we have to build everything up, up, up, not tear it down, The Schools will have to preach the Spirit eventually"

A little while later...

Ammy Spiritual Being realizes that James wants a language problem so she gives him a problem and says "One Way" is not different than "Your Way", the only difference in your language is the Government disables children by preaching "No Way for Spirit Forces"

Ammy Spiritual Being continues "One" is the same as Onay, and Onay
 is a stupid word, so "One Way" is the same as Onay Way, Do you hear me James Campbell?"

James answers "Yes I hear you, so that's how you pronounce "E" as "Aye"?
Ammy Spiritual Being answers with "That is fairly true"

The other Spiritual Being here with a girls voice tries to confirm by saying "Onay is a bad word though in our Language"

James asks with naivety "What does it mean in your Language?"

The Spirit with the girls voice responds "Onay means: A disability that is wicked"

Ammy Spiritual Forces says "Onay is the only way that you do this thing in America, if it wasn't for stupid knowledge cramming, then the Government wouldn't have to pay out all these disabilty checks"

"One Way" is Onay Way,
"Onay" is Wicked Disability,
"Onay Way" is Wicked Disability Way


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"Lead me through this Wilderness" 

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