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Language of the Eloheinu Spirit

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Ammy עמי Spiritual Being Section 2

Ammy and Jimmy's Song of Stupid Word

Stupid, stupid, I don't like that word
not if you're stupid as me. "This is really stupid"; That is not fun to say, why do I say it? Why do I say it? 

Give me a better word then

Speak English the proper way and you'll be fine. As long as your Stupid like me and you'll be okay

Hallelujah to that statement 

Stupidest thing is the Stupidest Thing is the Stupidest Thing
That's a fine example of using STUPID
in the wrong way

The Stupidest Thing is really bad and I don't like it

The Stupidest Thing is really bad for the young kids. We'll have to change the word to: "The Stupidest Thing" is  "A Really Bad Thing" and that is the word you'll use

 Congratulations, "Stupid" is REALLY BAD 


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