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Moonlit Night, dark night moon light, bright night light, we don't need a torch when we got a moon light like this, YHWH Spirit likes the moon, on this moon lights up Our god with chokmah, binah, and da'at, (Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge), contained in the Bible and 3 energy sources from the Kabbalah in Hebrew Mystisicm, has this page with Hebrew Letters showing how to spell those words in Hebrew / Englay Language Corrections for our YHWH Spirit section which contains YHWH, and Chokman, Binah, and Da'at so far, more to come in the future, when you start a fire bring enough wood and chop wood if etta need to cause fire will keep you warm, thank Wisdom for creating enough heat in the dark moonlit night of this picture, which is a jpeg, and YHWH Spirit reminds you of the Lunar Months which Hebrew people use, and some other Countries use the Lunar Months, and Israel likes to start the day at dusk, when you can see two stars in the sky, that is a new day YHWH Moon

Chokmah, Binah, and Da'ath

The Proverbs of Soloman son of King David, King of Israel:
For learning "Howkmah"  (Wisdom) and discipline, for understanding words of discerment For acquiring the discipline for success, Righteousness, justice, equity for endowing the simple with shrewdness, the young with Da'ath (Knowledge) and foresight"
   -Proverbs 1:4

"The Tree of  "Da'at"  
of Good and Evil" - Genesis
"Cry after knowledge and lift up your voice for "Binah" (Understanding)
"Cry after knowledge and lift up your voice for "Binah" 

Howkmah is Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible, a quote from Scripture:

"The Proverbs of Soloman heir of King David, King of Israel: for learning Howkmah and Discipline"
ח-cHet, כ-Kaph, מ-Mem, ה-Hey

Howkmah - Wisdom
Binah - Understanding
Da'ath - Knowledge

ב-Bet, י- Yod, נ- Nun, ה-Hey
Binah is Understanding
Scripture for this Word is:

"Cry after Knowledge and lift up your voice for Binah"
ד-Daled, ע-Ayin, ת-Tav
Da'ath is Knowledge
As this next Scripture shows us:

"The Tree called "Da'ath (Knowledge) of Good and evil"
Campsite, mountains, mountain top, tent
"And he has been filled with Yahweh Spirit in Howkmah,  Binah, and  Da'ath, and in all workmanship abilities"
Exodus 35:31

Yakava had a conversation with Spiritual Beings

From an earlier conversation, A woman Spirit says:
"חכמה (cHokmah) and בינה (Binah) and דעת (Da'ath)  could have sent some Spirits if they wanted to but they don't normally do that"

Yakava יעקב says "If I was going to call out to Howkmah חכמה and Binah בינה to send me some Spirits would they? We wouldn't know unless we ask", and now:

"Jamie Elijah has scripture for etta eesh: Yeshua Krysta said (Verbatim) : "Whatever you ask for you receive, ask and you shall receive, the problem is that you do not receive what you want because you don't ask"..."When you "Pray" for something then expect that as you are asking it, it is beginning to happen at that moment." 

Yakava tries it out, lifting up his voice: "Howkmah "חכמה" and Binah "בינה" and Da'ath "דעת": Will you please send some Spirits to my House here in my County, actually could you send them to other Counties too, cause they would really like that"
A few moments later, Yakava says he was hoping for a "reply (From the Wisdom Spirits)"

Ammy Spiritual Being Says " called three Wisdom Spirits"

Yakava was also considering: "The Tree of Da'ath of Good and Evil" and correlated his talks with "The Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil" considering maybe he is like Adam eating from "The Tree of Da'ath of Good and Evil" 

A Spiritual Being Woman's voice said: "You've eaten much fruit from that tree"

Jamie replies: "Maybe we should communicate with other Trees?"

A Spiritual Being, Male, sounds drunk with a lisp or something like that, and he hollers: "I don't think you gotta problem if you write it down because I want to talk about the other Trees too"

Jamie wants to know soon "Did we just make a call out to the Tree of Knowledge of Wisdom and Understanding; The Tree called "Tree of Da'ath of Howkmah and Binah?" We will know soon if something changes in life
Kinda like a "call out to YHWH" but we called out to Howkmah and Binah and Da'ath"


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Bark and Woodchip
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