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Our Website uses two types of cookies: 1. Essential Cookies for website function and 2. Marketing Cookies.

The software we have for cookie use is built into the Website Design software, and we are using for our Website building needs.

The Essential Cookies are out of our control, and the Marketing cookies are little tracking bots that tell if we had a visitor in the last 24 hours, if yes, our Analytics software tells us what city and state, and if that person was using an android, a Mac, or a PC, pretty basic stuff right?

"Regional Location", such as City and Country are provided, No numbers though, and we also get to know which pages had a visitor on a certain day, so that tells us which pages are doing better than others, um

What else? uh "unique vistors" and uhm, dates like maybe 50 unique visitors in a month, oh yah, we can tell if visitor find us from google, bing, or another place like from somewhere we advertised

That helps us: So, maybe 10 people in a month's time found our website directly from the search engine, and 30 found us through one of our advertising avenues, so that information would help determine that maybe we need to increase our effort with Search Engine Optimization? So we can see if some other site refferred the visitors to too

The software is useful for to be able to have an understanding of what is useful for the website and what needs to be improved. website owner is just using the software that comes with the Website Building Software from Global visitors and we don't like our "Cookies Banner" options so we use cookies, and we need them, because when the government catches wind of it is hella nice to see our Virginian neighbors looking at our site, with our software

We vow to not use this software for any purpose except for learning better ways to reach more people, and to be able to outwit Virgina a few times; it is better to know Virginia is there though, hopefully it's not too stormy

Software is limited anyways for visitor privacy, however very useful for paranoid

A final note if we didn't have marketing cookies; If 20 people visit in a day then without marketing cookies we would not know how many people visited that day, we would just have to wonder and guess if anyone visits at all?


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