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For Members: Two ways to post to the The Supernatural Forum

Option One: From Supernatural Forum main page.
1. Click Create New Post
2. And then add content / write it out
3. Add a picture with the "Camera Icon", or Files, with the "Add File Icon", or a Video with the "Video Icon".
4. Add a Title
5. Press "Next" on the bottom of your screen.
6. You will still pick a category with this method.

Option Two:
1.You can select a category first, Choose the Category, and and create your content, (As shown above). reserves the right to move posts around, if done, you will receive an email with your postings new location.
No matter how you look at it though all Member creations are locatable in the  El Categories area on the Side (Text), or the Images on the page, or the Dial at the top.
In both ways, Your content will show up on the Supernatural Forum Main Page as a Recent Post on the top of the page, and will move to the right as more Members add content. A total of 12 posts can be a Recent Post at a time. 

Your Member Creations can be easily located in the El Categories listings.

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