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Fall Beauty
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You're Forgiven of your Ho's

Elaheyneu Spirit said: "What does Ho mean to you?"

Ammy Spirit sings a song "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! You're forgiven of your Ho. Ho, Ho, Ho
-We've forgiven that too"

"That will haunt me for a long time you know, We've forgiven many things but never the Ho.
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho"

Elaheyneu Spirit says "That wasn't crazy to forgive it though, we've forgiven Ho's before you know"
Ammy Spirit speaks of her language barrier "We never wrote it down before this "HO" was introduced to our language as a bad word"

Male Elaheyneu Spirit questions the human "What do you think it means Jamie?"
And she replies "Well, it means "Prostitute" and "good tidings" for the Holidays"
And the Spirit voice replied: "I don't think so Missy, it does not mean "Good Tidings"
Jamie Elijah narrows it down and says "Well it means "Prostitute" then

And the Spiritual voice responds
"That's exactly why we're forgiving it"

Hosea 4:13-14
"...And they offer on the hills, under oak trees poplar trees, and terebinth trees, whose shade is so pleasant , that is why their daughters fornicate, and their daughters inlaw commit adultery"

"I will not punish their daughters for fornicating nor their daughters inlaw for committing adultery",

"because the men themselves consort with whores and shrine prostitutes"


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