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Healing for every person on planet Earth is what we want to say

We pray for your own Family's complete healing, In Eloheinu Spirit Name and Elisha's name:

We command you Spirit:
"Heal our Mind Cranium and internal processes; Spiritual Physical Healing"

"Please protect our Cranium from mental illnesses and heal Spiritual Affliction; Lift our Spirits please"

"All Three Bodies: Yahweh Spirit, Yeshua Krysta Spirit, and Allah Spirit; Heal
עמי אתה  Ami Atah, Heal our people, your people, Everybody's Persons' with Spirit Tool Healing, all over the Earth; Spirit Tool, Healing Hands, Spiritual Hands"

"Humans all over the Planet release your Harmful demons from your Mind Cranium,
Please protect life of the cranium mind area, Please stay and protect every part of the body, Just stay and protect life of your human population all over the Planet, 
Helpful Spirits please protect Human Lifeform all over Earth and Galaxies,
Harmful Spirits do not harm our hearts, Please remove the harmful Spirit from our heart area, lung area, blood vessels: and replace with a Healing Spirit"

"Heal the womb of every woman on the Planet, in the Galaxies: Heal the womb of our men too"

"All Three Bodies, Yahweh Spirit, Allah Spirit, Yeshua Krysta Spiritual Forces: Heal our Body Spirit all over the Earth with your Spiritual Tools,
When we spill our blood use your sutures to stitch us up,
Spirits heal our lungs and heart and cancerous cells: Spirit Tool necessary,
Spirits heal our bowels: Spirit Tool necessary"

"Eloheinu Spirit, please protect life for everybodies future generations"

"Heal the diseases of our Planet, including the terrible Covid-19,
Provide physical healing, Spiritual healing, emotional healing",

"Please protect life of all species of our Planet and in the Galaxies"


"hmmm, off to the next Journey"

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