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Pressure point chakra healing system

Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil says  
"Spiritual Pressure Points on the body are an option for the Spiritual Beings to create and use"

A Woman from Heaven continues the statement on another day "We recognize the Human body as being a system of powerful pressure point systems that we could've used a long time ago but unfortunately Jesus did not write about it, and neither did any of the Profitees" 

Yakava get's an opportunity to speak and says "This is how Yakava sees the Chakra system right now for Spirit manipulation:

Spiritual Beings can help improve Human and Animal Chakra Systems, improve energy flow, and strength, by using whatever methods they may have

One method ani (I) know could work is "Pressure points" which the Spiritual Beings in our life have used several times"

Spiritual Beings speak this statement:
"Pressure Points have been used several times on Jamie Campbell
And they release energy in a powerful way 
And they can be sexual, or physical, or both and it can release energy for Chakra systems too"
A female Spirit says: "And we are sure they will work for many purposes like strengthening Chakras and making people stronger in physical spiritual health"
A younger Spirit asks: "What does Yakava want to say?"
A younger Spirit 2 pondering Yakava's silence re-iterates the question by saying "Nothing to say Yakava?"

And Yakava decides to reply "How about Burn the word down to the belly", as compared to "Draw the word down to the belly"? - From the Bible

A Spirit reminded us "We are talking about pressure points, let's talk about pressure points" 

and Yakava says "a proper functioning 3rd and 2nd Chakra (belly chakras), orange and yellow would be like fire energy, so pressure points could be used to direct energy into various areas and channels and Jamie Eliza  knows Pressure points from Spiritual Beings from experiences this past year (2021), and can say they feel awesome as "Hey very powerful" 

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