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Resurrection with Ammy

Eliyah speaks a commanding statement:  "Ammi" עמי My People, "Ammi Ahta" עמי אתה You are my People, Our People are returning soon to Earth, The Resurrection is happening sooner than you think: The Resurrection is happening now; may your blessed families be returning soon to Earth"


Ami - My People

Hebrew/ Englay Letters:   י,Y    מ,M   ע,A  
Hebrew Letter's spelling  
Yod,  Mem,  Ayin
Hebrew/ Englay Letters   
ה,H   ת,T   א,A
Hebrew Letter's spelling   Hey,  Tav,   Aleph

עמי אתה

Ami Atah - 

You are my People

Hosea said "Say to your Brothers "Ammi" My People, and to your Sisters "Ruiahmah" Lovingly accepted

And Ammy Spirit 16, a eesh Man Spiritual Forces who sounds like a woman said:
עמי My People "Ammi Ahta" עמי אתה You are my People"
And then she confirms "Our People are returning soon to Earth: The Resurrection is happening now; that's how we want it"

Ammy Spirit 16 wasn't sure about this statement and expresses what she thinks could happen "Hopefully,
Banishment of Spiritual Forces is nearly over: Spiritually there is a difference of the type of Spirits talked about here; Spiritually the Spiritual Forces should be kinder for the majority of People on Planet Earth"

A Male Elaheyneu Spirit was here this day, and he is a dangerous one, and ha says "Banishment was meant for the Evil-doers and they are going to walk upon the Earth and be happy again"

Eliyah speaks up and says "Maybe they will do good for the animals and humans to make up for their evils"

Ammy Spiritual Voice speaks her prayer audibly "Ammi", my People, "Ammi atah", You're my People,  May your blessed families be returning soon and The Resurrection happen sooner than later, because People desire to be with their families"

Eliyah says "Ammi Spirit; fly and walk upon The Earth when your Spirits return to us"

Ammy Spiritual Voice continues "If they return soon that would be wonderful"

And it was spoken outloud coinciding with the times    "We are talking about the Resurrection right now, It's time to holler out for our loved ones to return home"

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