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At the SuperNatural Blog Forum Thingy, if you wish to save a Picturegraphic file to you PC version, Do not save as a .wepd file, even if .wepd is set to default on the "Save As" Menu

1. delete .wepb from save name and add
.jpg or .png, which are regular picture saving file

2. Make sure that the "File Type" drop down box is set to "All Files

3. Pick a folder to save , add a name and click "Save"

Note 1. .Webp is somehow set to default on the Jeshu Forum and doesn't open as well a .PNG and .JPG file The Wepd file likes to open in MS Paint, and we don't like the Quality as musch as .JPG and .PNG files

Note 2.
 Mobile phones do not have this problem and are okay, they save photos from the SuperNatural Forum very easily to your Phone or Tablet

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