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SuperNatural Forum Tricks

Tip number 1: How to post. Must be a member to post
Two ways for Members to post: 
1- Click "Create New Post" icon from the Supernatural Forum Homepage (Go to step 2-1), 1-2. The second way to create a post is "Click" a "Categorie" from
El Categories, and then click "Create New Post", (Move on to step 2-1).
2-1: Always give your post a Title. Trick - Sometimes a small dialog box opens up and covers the "Title". That dialog box can be hidden if you press you cursor in different places on the screen. Try pressing some boxes on the screen until you can get it to disappear.
2-3:  Use the paragraph body for adding text

Forum ScreenShot 1-A.png
Forum ScreenShot 2.png

Adding pictures, video, files, GIFs and Emojis
2-4: When you create a post, there are 5 icons on the bottom of the screen, in order from left to right:
1. Camera - Use this to add Photos saved on your computing device, or take a photo. 
2. Video Camera - For adding video. You can either link it up to a URL or upload a video from your device. *If you don't automatically see the button for uploading from your device, then you need to minimize the dialog box and scroll down until you find the button.
3. Upload Arrow - is for files such as docX, Pdf, Audio files. When using the file upload Option, then visitors of your post will have to download the file to see the information, and there will not be any preview. Option 1 and Option 2 show your images clearly for any one to see. 
4. Gif - You can Search for and add Gifs to your post very easily. Just click the GIF Button and find and add your GIF.
5. The Emoji face - Some emojis can be added from clicking this button.

2-5: Text Effects: 

Forum ScreenShot 5.png

As you write your text, try highlighting that text and a window will pop up on the PC version with text editing options.

Forum ScreenShot 7-3.png

When you are through creating your post then click next. If you already selected a category to share in then it will post. If you are not in a category then it will ask you which category do you wish to post in. 

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