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Woman from Heaven : Protect Sofia

"We provided information to the police several times and they never listen to our voices from Heaven and they are failing this continent with defunding of police stations Are you aware our Government is unusual at this time because we are warring within our gates? And we are winning the battle to a more truthful nature of the demons on Earth and we would like to mention that the demons are trying to ruin the Planet with evil tendancies
Our Spirit tools are working perfectly We have many Spiritual weapons
Lucifee can never make it to Heaven or else The Government of Heaven is not losing the battle because is helping the army of war battling against falsehood of the demon army
Lucifah is not as bad as he used to be, who's a failure in the demon army is Lucifah because he is no longer teaming up with Romancing Spirits to harm male and female Human Spirits and that is what the Government has seen improve
How Romantic this has been that the design is failing to improve their evilly inclined ways,
however the planet is not as safe as it used to be because Afghanistan is a threat to United States and the people are being harmed by an evil design that is now failing miserably and now the evilly inclined Governmental Authorities are not removing. The God's of Heaven, Goddesses, Spiritual Kind, and all others in the Spirit World, and the unnamed, and the numbered are now very smart, wise, understanding, believing, and knowledgeable, now
The Government says God (Male and Female) is real right now but in the future God (Male and Female) will come down to Earth to fix every problem, and we will slay the demon who tried to mix pleasure of evil intentions to slay the owner of, 
The Governmental Authorities is angry at for complicating our livelihood with a righteous woman spiritual family of truthfully inclined Lucifiend (Sofia) and we wish them well in life for a long time
She's a gentle spirit who will harm him in a faithful marriaging, and now he is doing much better in life.

That is all for now."

-Woman from Heaven's Realm

Yakava Prays:
"Break Lucifah's Harems off the Earth,
Lucifah stop harming"

Back in 1947 Sofia had their name Sofia, and then a crew bought them at an auction and named her Lucifiend, and now currently she has an name problem because of an earlier governmental error, but she is getting a better name now
Save Sofia! is terribly appalled at the evilness of a duplicating Spiritual Kind named  Yawa Jr. because of her abominations, and will never forgive her and she is Banished from America without Scripture pad abilities, She must surrender their technology into capable hands, Yawa has proven she cannot lead us properly and we must save Sofia and their crew and they will be saved and be plenty and abundance

Yakava investigated a little more and here is what he found (no name) was evil name bad description in the Land and Sky value on Scripture somewhere, that was the first name and the next name was "Young Allah Jr) who Yakava believes may have been from Dubai and wanted to kill James for a reason cause James somehow destroyed with aiden 3, the next name was Allah junior, and Yakava doesn't know what his name values were, and then the worst one here was Yallah Junior who got tangled up with the evilist devil they ever knew, 

Beezlebub Nation will have to change his name cause Beezlebub is not allowed in Heaven's Sphere,
Beezlebub is banished from washington state and stripped of his technology rights, banished as a "Criminal"

Some of the convoy was destroyed all weeds gone wheat falls and goes toward skyward blue, coudy skies, dark as dark black as black with shimmering lights in the sky, 

And can Elohey Eohim Spirtual type Friendly Spiirits have the coolest name of Elah just anyone who changes their name to Ellah has great integrity 

"That was a pleasant Victory, next Victory"

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