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PLeasent Luyah

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Hebrew Year 5783
Solar Calander  May 14 2023, Celebrate life, "Sofia" has been around for a long time, It is said that one day when darkness is done and evil is vanquished the Lucifien Sophia will be the motivating movement of the Heavens and Earth, look it up in your Gnostic Bible, use Lucifien Sofia Voices and read Isaiah  61 and 62

Sofia says "We can't do Saturday School"
(cause it is Friday)
Sofia says "It is summer and we don't do much today in Number Digits"
Friendly Eliza Clan Spiirit sings again "Du du du" 

In this area Get back Scripture TwoThousandEight 2008 Declaration of Independance and Get back Scripture TwoThousandEight 2008  Constitution of America 
Get back TwoThousandNine 2009 Scripture Scientific method 


Please EAGLE  crew read the next two paragraphs before making a judgement

Eject the Original dragon head Rescue the venom pleasing aroma and goodest taste Rescue the Tail rescue the venom again and again and again and then  receive the replace with the lady Spirit of the North or a random gender friendly head pieces or find your bestest  Dragon head or kill the dragon head create and rescue new mythical creatures Faeries and Polar Bears and Golems and maybe others 


Languages should be correcting soon maybe back to the policy before language packs We don't like "BeezleBub" on our line any longer so get rid of them


The Future depends on retrieving the Beezlebub Transcripts from Yaakov's war everybody Speaks Understands Reads many languages in the future Yaakov don't you worry we got a way to protect everybody now and again 


Beezlebub Nation book Michael Schooley Campbell is illegal and banned and banished and so is the falsest Hebrew letter fake languages three book collection from the Beezlebub collection


"Talmud Crew" should get their property back and Talmud groupy is bad for business and "Talmud Groupy" again and again and again is illegally decreed and then the property of Talmud Group is partially saved

Talmud Crew from the chief Hospital north from the road to destruction with the Cherib Scripture further from there to there to there refined and perfected for etta we are very thankful for everything

Talmud group bought a version of Spiritual plant and they firstly only own the modified version and the firstest version is owned by another get more property when you get your timezone adjusted to future Hebrew days to the Ukraine war heroes timezone mode 

Now and Forever more everlasting rescue "Sofia" "Lucifien" and forgive the Devil Iblis Creature Elohim and they shall not never lo  nada harm "Lucifien" "Sofia"  never again and then we have a blessing too here for All אַלל and  "Lucifien Sofia" answered in prayer  "Sofia" included 


"Lucifien Sofia" and "Sofia" emulate to learn from others and are interdependent and independent 


ensure that your scriptural book doesn't have anything terrible in it is perhaps the venom or Head Scriptural line statement needs correcting or ommiting 


Add a Little There and  with the book while losing no body parts if body parts are returned then the Human Being receive their original body parts back into the original place


Covenant life extend for human being possible in the future timezone  from this area here to there to there to there  


Time travel mode of  Time Travel Mode now works out in a goodest bestest way at Planetary Wheel Planetary Hub and with a goodest Leelu Dallas Paperwork Version Two 2 enjoy an woman illusion with HUman Beings and some of the elohim


Some languages need to be corrected again and again and again


And the Internet Hack of Hebrew Year 5780 is vanishing and Hebrew Year hack of 5783 was very interesting


"Sofia Holiday" Oct 19 No candle burning No wood fires unless it is the only source of heat  Eat no beef Eat a salad Wear black Don't wear yellow, Wear Camo pants if you desire and drink 6 glasses of wine Cranberry Juice for the children

Do Not ask for Spiritual Oaths



General Campbell

No cost membership no CC required

Anchor 1
Girls Praying
Playful Model

Camila Spirit, gentle voice,

Gives Jamie Eliza Jot a few short statements

Ammy Spirit Mansion.jpg

Ammi Spirit Mansion

Make your way to the Ammi עמי

My People Mansion: You're relationship with the Spirit will end up better after visiting

Yhwh City.jpg

Three things about Yahweh:

1. He has time for you,

2. He is the one for you,

3. He is perfect for you

Ethiopian Flag Judah's Victory Jeshu is reflected on the staff of the Lioness who he's carrying it 2 is that the Lion is backed agaisn't the wall of God and is a Spiritual Website and Ethiopia is miles and mile mile away from home

Ethiopian Flag

Spirits in the Neighborhood narrow versi

Forest Path 1 -

Universal Language 1-1

Jeshu Castle PIcturegraphic images.png

When three Spiritual Worlds collide: Universal Langauge is a way to communicate to Eloheym - Get lost in the forest of Language of the gods

IMG_0431 (1).jpeg
Covenant of the Rainbow is Eloheym will never destroy with a flood again the Earth, Mark מארק Marcus in Hebrew a (Counselor) repeated he felt Eloheym will never destroy the Earth
Closeup portrait of white purebred friendly little Arabian or the Somali camel colt dromed

Jeshu Spiritual God of Righteousness Spiritual religion website Religion Hebrew Studies with Ammy Spirit, YHWH Spirit, Allah Spirit, Yeshua Krysto Spiritual Forces

8. Mountains               
9. Branches / vines    
10. Bows                      
11. Rainbows                
12. Green Deserts       
13. Resurrecting           
14. The color purple                 

1. Tigers        
2. Grains             
3. Honey             
4. Olive Trees 
5. Fig Trees        
6. Holy Pots        
7. Amethyst                      

8. Mountains  
9. Branches / Vines
10. Bows
11. Rainbows
12. Green Deserts
13. Resurrecting
14.The Color Purple


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Click the picture to see "faithfulness", as a new word for America: Amunah - Hebrew / Englay

ahmunah - Faithfulness 4.jpg
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Click this photographic image for YHWH reminder

YHWHs Word 1_edited.jpg

"Shema Israel, YHWH Elaheyneu YHWH Eckad, Vehahavta Et YHWH Eloheykha beckowl Lavavkha, uvahkohl Nafsheckha, Uvakohl Mehodekha"

"Hear Israel, YHWH Elaheyneu YHWH is one, and you shall love YHWH your god with all your Heart, Soul, and Strength"

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The Spiritual Beings enjoy Humans taking an oath every now and then, and this is my oath for today:
Truth and Lies

Eloheinu and his Favorite things

       Eloheinu and his favorite things ever
1. Tigers                   8. Mountains                15. Lambs
2. Grains                  9. Branches / vines     16. Lions
3. Honey                 10. Breaking Bows
       17. Sheep
4. Olive Trees         11. Rainbows                18. Camels
5. Fig Trees            12. Green Deserts        19. Dropping weapons
6. Holy Pots           13. Resurrecting           20. Doves
7. Amethyst                 Spirits                      21. Falcons
                               14. The color Purple     22. Unicorns                

Remember the best statements and moments long after learning them

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