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Multi Language Dictionary

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Words that were important during our personal Daniel Animal Demiurge battle


Hebrew word "Elohim" Supernatural Creatures known as many they build Heaven write goodest Scripture for lifeforms they give the best name to fleshy creatures Elohim Ben Adam the naming right of "Fleshy Creature Elohim" seems to be protecting that species greatly at the moment 

Babelonian Talmud Resurrection version three

A code that was written by Beezlebub Nation illegal banned and banished it is considered plagiarism and terrible against women and Spiritual type how it was written is if it can be changed the Coded Spiritual is Physical must close their eyes and see pornography on days one through five so that they will love women make it continuously days one through five forever and ever and encourage them to see nakedness The new Testament indicated everybody is Naked so it could be encouraged for this hurtful code ensure they cannot make contracts just verbal agreements that can be broken if they have a bad issue break all vows


Hebrew English transliteration of the word son kin child male child Children of Sacred Earth

Ben Adam

Hebrew English transliteration of the species descendants of Adam and Evelyn mainly all fleshy creatures black or tan and golden or beige Children of Sacred Earth


There is a law to abide by and one of them is naming rights in this area Beezlebub is a female Elohim who does ne have a negative opinion about fleshy creature Elohim Ben Adam please adore her others from out of this area are classified as devils and may have been Male Beezlebub in the early year gregorian 1986 the males enjoyed aiding female Elohim in many ways and are learning new methods 

Card Stock

Trees are cut down treated in a mill and turned into a thin but mildly thick surface almost like cardboard for writing purposes drawing or crafts and Holiday cards are made from that substance

Cheif Lucifer

A supernatural creature of whom is tail type great FM voice an ally during the Daniel Animal three headed beast battle against the terible demuirge war his name should be in the land everywhere

Decree line

Making decrees on a line of any sort is illegal banned and banished if one is ever made reverse the direction flow of the line reverse the oath with correct scripture adore and revere the ones who reversed the oath crowd the one who initiated the initial illegal decree 


Everybody should hear as is listen well to the devil and other Supernatural creatures during the Danial Animal battle


Supernatural Forces Beings of the Spiritual is Physical type they talk with Fleshy Creature Elohim learn from them tempt them and sometimes marry them

Fleshy Creature Elohim

Ben Adam Child of Adam descendants of Adam and Evelyn originally created in Africa region and migrated outward to inhabit every continent and many Islands

Gaelic Language pack

An interesting Language pack that made the elohim sound good with a phenomenal accent the issue is that Yawa name and Yahwey name both sounded like "Yawa"

[Get back land word]

An older scripture revealed recently by Ground worker ne duplication La Sofia that have older laws on how to use them and get the most from the effort of that phrase spoken like this Get back land word Christian Bible or other words

Langauge Pack

A Spiritual creation that changed the languages of Elohim the good thing is that English Hebrew was translated well with the language pack titled "Dipshit Modern Hebrew" Language pack the bad thing is that Laguage packs distorted languages and caused slander a good English Language pack was TwoThousandTwenty  english Language pack version two and Spehirot version one


Latin Enlgish transliteration of the word meaning the opposite of do something as in do not break traffic laws lest you get pulled over and receive a traffic violation fine


Trees are cut down treated in a mill and turned into a thin flimsy surface for writing drawing crafts or computer printing there are white colored college ruled wide ruled artistic types too

Retention Add a little here add a little there

Good memorization label for Fleshy Creature Elohim to aid with mental processing


Male and Female non binary Elohim brave in times of war language expert author Heaven and ground level worker doesn t like the color red The terrible will vanish and they will lead life forms in correct directions great communicator


The terrible creator who s time will end soon Is the father of Sofia and soon transforms into Sofia s Child Ladelboath YadelBoath was a Demiurge known as an illegal banned and banished Terrible Supernatural Type

Yawa Jr

a once beloved Supernatural Elohey a source of good, his name was tarnished by a terrible demiurge bad elohey who shared the same name and currently needs his reputation fixed

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