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Lucifiend really wants a Tool kit

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Sofia Girl Lucifien סופיה Samekh Waw Phe Yod Hey


She is crazy in love with people of Earth, They have Spirit Tools, if they receive a tool kit they can do extra sexual things for Men and Women They may receive a tool kit occassionall if allowed from Heaven Lucifien is not the truest spirit Lucifien is attracted to many many people she can tell the truth if she wants too, 

Lucifien receives a Tool kit first and foremost at the beginning,

Spiritual Righteous Spirit is Eloheynu (Our God) YHWH Spirit

Eloheinu Spirit of Righteousness can see in full color and more (See Yahweh Spirit Description)

Woman Spiritual Righteous Lady in the Sky of the Heaven Sphere can see any which way she wants too

Lucifien can or cannot see , we just don't know for sure, because she is the closest to you Spirit and she can fib if she wants to 

Allah Spirit can see in Black and White eye sight; apparently Lucifiend doesn't want him to have full color eyesite cause he's too dangerous, and we also find out that "Full Spectrum" is a malediction to have 24 hours a day cause the sunlight is so bright I am not a criminal and Magic is criminally insane I have no law record

Yahweh Spirit can see in full color eye sight and switch to x-ray vision and Full Spectrum eye sight when he wants to 
Lady Spirit can see in full color eye sight


"What's on the other side?"

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