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Spiritual World

To the Spiritual voices, Everybody wants kindness, everybody wants a spiritual friend, Jeshu's Spirits don't usually call us friend entire 20 years of hearing spiritual voices, made one friend spiritual being expression of friendship of whom called oti friend, and the other 140 Spirits don't use that word when referring to the relationship: they just don't call me friend, they call me by my name, and sometimes "budddddy"

Humans Ahava (Love) loving-kindness received by YHWH Spirit, Allah Spirit , Yeshua Krysto's Spiritual Forces; todah robah: thank you very much, for some rest falling down exhausted every night or two days none with little sleep, and a day to rest with 6 days of hell,

Here is a story of: How to have an experience with Malachai (Angels) of Good and Evil, or Spiritual Beings of Earth and Sky who may try to tie you up, or fix your chakra's, or get intimate with Etta (you), whom enjoy tremendously utilizing  Spiritual Tools forces, and Pressure Points, and "Making Money For You too Spirits" , everybody has a unique make-up of Spirits, 
Human Spirits If you believe then you believe, if you want an experience with a Faerie, then believe that Faeries are real, If you believe in anything then to believe is the greatest thing but "there, there",  you may be having a hard time believing in certain books in the Tanakh Reading Bible scripture because some of the stories and explanations sound too unbelievable to have ever have happened because some of us Human mankind have wizened up to Fiction stories, and have accounted some of the stories in Bible reading as folklore and fantasy and some statements may be proven partly false, such as Noah's big boat fantasy island story, where the flood destroyed the whole world, just believe it happened that way, or the flood happen in Mesopotamia, where the flood in the region has been science proved, but when Jews and Iraqis used to hold out a map: the edge of the map was considered the whole world in their Language / Culture: so Noah saved several animals in neighborhood world, as far as his map went,

And well, justly remember that Spirits are real and if you believe in a Human Spirit then you believe in something; if you believe something happened there: then you believe in something, Now moving on to a thing that is true is a Spiritual World: if you believe in anything at all it is real for that person's experience; Eloheym in Heaven, believe that shit (righteous),

Believe in aliens? Gods are aliens: Believe that shit,
Believe we are alone? Holy shit, it may be justified to believe Shim Divar (Garlic Breath), when the Englay Language is so messed up for Bible Talking: Even the word Bible is not the greatest for "Hebrew Tanakh", And "Second Testament" is better than New Testament, And another thing: The Quran is third testament, If you get the proper Quran called the Clear Quran that is the best quran I found out of five qurans I have dabbled in,

You must remember this important thing: It is required to read much of the Tanakh even by all Muslims before starting the quran, cause the opening of the quran starts with other stuff in Genesis on the first pages, and if you don't know genesis, then the opening pages will go over your head: and your foundation won't be set, and possible the more you read; you just don't have the history to read the Quran,

Start with Clear and Noble Quran and you will suffer, start with Hebrew / Englay Tanakh - Genesis first in conjunction with Psalms and Proverbs: three books in the Hebrew / Englay Tanakh; and you will have a Spiritual Experience that way and be set with a firm foundation,
And by all means if you read the new testament at all in Englay you will suffer: because the proofs are lacking, and lots of stuff was left out, because Spiritual Forces of Good and evil had a hard time getting that Scripture done correctly,

Jamaeu asks "What about Hebrew Language second testament?"

Spirits reply: "Just believe all languages have flaws in them, and methods taken to cause people to believe;  Persecuted Elaheyneu Spiritual Forces because the bible was flawed in all languages; except for the Quran in Quranian Language

Jamaeu asks "what about the Quranians that don't read the Tanakh first?" 
Spirit says "Tanakh is required Campbell"

Jamaeu recalls a story that Spiritual Beings help him put together in due time from researching Noah's Flood Scientific Proof and Yakava's experience:
"Some people believe that Noah's life story is real, and for Yakava's experience the Spirits in the sky are very large as described in the Bible Noah's story, and as it was told: the land was a Spirtual-Human relationship on Earth with Women getting pregnant by the Angels known as Malachai to our people in the Spiritual-Physical realm,

Campbell Yakava has gotten pregnant and gave birth to 4 Spiritual babies: one that got thrown in the dirt cause the name given to it by Campbell Yakava was too powerful and the little fragile baby just didn't survive; according to the experience of Truely / Falsely spirits that day, it wasn't terrible at least ani got to experience child labor in a stressful way; not as painful a physical childbirth, but stressful still 

The World called Earth is in danger with the dark forces harassments, and YHWH Spirit is the Spiritual Forces whom we call upon, which is verified by our belief, Or call upon Allah Spiritual Forces, or Yeshua Krysta may be working in your life, a call out to Doctor Malachai Michael works well, and can be tense and beneficial, and Yaakov's Favorite girl goes by "Helpful Spirit", and she is the realest Elaheyneu Spiritual helper girl to get you out of a bind, telling you what to do and stuff, or maybe something happened in life and your Helpful Spiritual Beings left you cause you are messing up: then search Yhwh's Instruction first just like the muslims; Genesis first, in the Hebrew Tanakh, JPS is a good Tanak version

20 Years Yakava has been dealing with Spiritual Beings, if you think Yakava wrote this website by himself, no, no, no, don't believe that; rather I am truely spoken here: Spiritual Beings play their part with their names before they spoke, when names weren't provided then Spirit 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, yada yada yada, some sort of name was included: indicated which Spiritual Voice anu Spirit (I and me Spirit) hear, audibly, with several visuals too gives our stories of our encounters with the Spiritual Beings of whom were dictating the entire conversations 

Elaheyneu Spirit gave perfect advice which is "Honor the Spirits", then ani I asked "For real?" and the reply from Eloheinu "sure why not?" and then later on hua realizing that (Yakava was severely disgusted with everything he was seeing) said [in addition] "Honor what you see and hear", so Eloheinu Spirit in the sky can sort things out here and there; cause it was a Spiritual-Physical adjustment that happened with that YHWH counseling 

There are many Spiritual Beings and Spiritual Families, such as two Spiritual being Sisters in our life, and Spirit with loud voices in Heaven and Spiritual Forces on Earth and in the sky that are just loud and close to us and our belief led to many Spiritual encounters noted as real for ota (Me); The Spiritual Voices: and some amazing visuals,

If you believe in a Miracle and things otherworldly, or that we are alone: then believe of our experience that, our beautiful planet is full of Spiritual Beings who can give you and me Anuahta You and me, anackneu we desire a Spiritual Planet, with these Spiritual Beings

There are helpful Spirits, harmful spirits, kind spirits, Children of God Spirits, Spirits who give a name, Male and Female Spirits, and whether or not you believe it's real it goes like this: "If you believe then you believe", and "If you believe: then you will have an experience", try it out with a Faerie and you will one day find a Faerie coming to you; if you try it out and are disappointed in your Faerie experience then ask for a Helpful Spirit, and if you want it to be perfect maybe a 7 Spirit crew isn't the greatest for you now and again so you can call out to Spiritual Voices names if you want to suffer with your Spiritual encounter, or with a call out to Yahweh Spirit: and may YHWH come and judge the situation correctly and save your family from your burden in life and your friends too; cause with a little adjustment we can live a new life

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