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   God's Language

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Section 4

New York City

   Language of the Eloheinu Spirit

Ammy Spirit Section 2

James Campbell gives a pretty messed up comment: "Can I give you an Eye and you give me an EYE?

How about I pluck out my Eye and you pluck out your eye and we'll shake on it?"

Spiritual Forces reminds people that this spirit talked here: Responding with an odd statement himself and says "I don't think so."
And a Spiritual Forces speaks audibly across the room: "Hallelujah that was crazy, you should write it down."

A blue Spiritual Forces says: "Okay Jimmy, that's an illegal EYE right there."

A blue blue Spiritual Forces from above comment says: "You poked out my eye with that EYE right there. That was cool."

A blue blue Spiritual Forces likes to use "fuked up" language system, and they spell it differently and it means "Sistered up": "That's a Fuken illegal weapon right there though. Thank you Jimmy."
And they love James Campbell's writing so much: "That was a Fishhook J right there."

That's also another different type of weapon.

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